Transexual March
2004-06-05 00:03:57 ET

Eric flaked on me and pissed me the fuck off because he kept making excusses not to go. I hung out with rose got stuff to eat. Aplogize to charlie and saw transexual strip club heheh it was fucking funny. This weekend will prove to be the better ones !! whoo hoo

2004-06-05 00:09:19 ET

hehe that sounds exciting.. i want to go to one of those

2004-06-06 07:49:57 ET

yeah, they asain guys passed but lets just say other nationalities should never try out for the shemale olympics hahahah

2004-06-06 09:15:23 ET

hahah.. whatd they do..well i guess how come they lookded so silly?

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