Attack Sex
2004-06-08 22:44:36 ET

It's a description of a crime case in this book I got which is called the death scene in L.A. it like a whole book based on murders,homicides, and obscure deaths. So I fuckin can't take it any more I'm going to break lose of OC and flip it upside down to the tone of faggot !! Thank you Jimmy Urine. I'm tired of these comforming masses and this fucking bullshit where everyone is a model and you get paid to be perfect while they rest get nothing. Such a one side of this world. We shoult start a system for being your self and making beauty. Not just a stero type but something that bring people toghter then I then can fucking burn them alive with a huge pot of burning butter muwhahah...but yeah..people around here are lame. I got a PM about how London after midnight was a gay band. This coming from a detuch who listens to Limp dizkit !! hahahah fuck I'm so charged who wants do something give me something because I'm going to go crazy fuck fuck fuck fuck ..hahahah !!

2004-06-09 00:32:34 ET

What the hell are going on about?

2004-06-09 06:32:55 ET

I don't know I just read it and I was drunk when I did it hahahahahah

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