Field trip to the grave..
2004-06-10 06:05:04 ET

Yesterday was really good, it got off to a crappy start because I felt like i had no friends. Yet around 12 I got a free pizza lunch yum then went for a interview at macys. I'm so fucking happy about that because they offerd me a counter top manger position !! holy crap is all that went through my mind !! I mean manger whoo hoo I got one more interview and I'm set. After saw the movie saved....two words "McAuley Calkin." Funnny as hell, I love his character. I mean he is the lucid chracter who just is on the dot the whole time. I loved the writting and ideas. Not the best movie in the world. Yet it;s worth seeing !! and after that came home and just here.

2004-06-10 06:53:37 ET

So glad to hear that about the job! :)

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