Glorious Disgrace
2004-06-13 21:22:36 ET

The void is what keeps me wanting and needing.
Cigarette caringons give me a high to the feel no more.
Just so I can stop feeling the desires that keep on bleeding.
Don't cheapin me, which go upspoken.
My words gone and forgotten.
All I want is to be heard but instead of become your mocking bird.
If the car door opend just as fast the passing cars maybe I have no chance.
This is a fleeding dance.
I desire the understanding of all but get the respect of none.
Remove my feeling because I don't need them anymore this poor soul has nothing to keep and could care less if god lost some sleep.

I got some new books today and one being anne rice the other a sandman book. I worked and felt like crap at the end of the day. I hate days like this. I hope I got the job at benfit.

2004-06-13 21:59:21 ET

I like your poetry. Do you rap?

2004-06-14 07:31:05 ET

Why yes I do, I just relased an album like now...*poof* heheheh actaully no I don't. I hate rap. Just my taste it annoys me for some reason.

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