JOb maybe
2004-06-21 16:52:02 ET

So I got an interview setup at hottopic for thuesday at 2:30 ...hummmm... Pam (Divinedecay) said you had to stand out. Weird because Gerixx always tells me that I stand out more then others.He says I carry a passion and as we know passion is love. Hummm...well if they hire certain people there they will most likely hire me. So I can stand out more then most good luck to me hahahah

2004-06-21 20:45:08 ET

ugh, i have an interview at hot topic on tuesday at 4.
i dont know about that place.

2004-06-23 10:30:12 ET

Ha, I hope you did not mean me when you said that, I have a pleasant, pleasing personality, you damn bastard!~_^
FakeAmbition: It is not a bad job as retail goes, they let you dress how you want and the customers you get are generally the nicest you could hope for. It helps if you have decent management though.

2004-06-23 10:57:20 ET

yeah, it seems like a pretty cool place to work.
the only thing im worried about is my slightly short temper, if stupid teeny boppers came in and pissed me off, id probably flip out.

2004-06-23 11:25:01 ET

Oh, I know what you mean, I have worked at HT since August of last year, and there have been circumstances where I just wanted to strangle them, their pure idiocy and ignorance was maddening. But, on occasion, you do meet a really cool person, rare as it is. But, other than that, it is a rather fun place to work.

2004-06-23 14:15:07 ET

Me of course not hahahahah...just talking about myself actually. SO how was the KMFDM show ??

2004-06-24 10:46:35 ET

Lol, well, that is okay than. The show was awesome, they are such a great live band, even though Raymond Watts was not there. >_<,

2004-07-02 05:52:14 ET

Hey guys, I actually work at Hot Topic Head Quarters. I love my job. Hot Topic is probably one of the best companies that truly feel like a family. You should find it lucky that you have an interview there......let me know how it goes.:)

2004-07-03 00:33:18 ET

Well, they have not called back it seemed to go pretty well. I would love to work at coperate because they have that one room with the coffin shapped table. Also do you do extensions ?? if so do would you do mine heheh more work for you but hey. Any who what do you do at HQ ?? could you help me get hired *hint hint* heheh j/k but anyway ttyl bye !!

2004-07-03 05:34:26 ET

Yes I do extensions, please check out my page. Corporate is a dirty word, we like Head Quarters instead.
Yes in fact it is awesome here, and all the people are all really nice. I work in the internet department. If you would like to apply check out our job listing on

2004-07-03 08:18:56 ET

alright, I will do so. You got anything in the internet department. I will shoot spitballs from the across the room and let it rain down dead frogs if i worked in your department hahahah.

2004-07-03 08:27:20 ET

which pages yours or you have a diffrent one for hair ? well ttyl bye.

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