WTF !?
2004-07-31 23:54:17 ET

Dilema, a friend of mine had a talk. The subject is about music and the person. If someone at one point listend to rap at a point in their life yet still loved what ever at the time and now still listens to punk or goth and dress or look like the so the so called type do you think that does not make the goth or punk ?? or should be looked down on ?? lets hear what everyone thinks.

2004-08-01 04:29:24 ET

They shouldn't be looked down upon. I don't see what difference liking rap at one times makes. Why should anyone care what type of music people listened to and when?

2004-08-01 08:34:01 ET

i agree, thanks analog sky.

2004-08-02 00:53:27 ET

No, to do so is silly and hypocritical, at some time in all of our lives, I am certain we have all listened to some, err, questionable music, but that should not have any bearing on wether or not that person is "goth" or "punk" enough. That is just my opinion, I could be wrong.(but I doubt it.) ~_^

2004-08-02 20:12:16 ET

Agreeabel, we at one point in out life where not listing to just one thing. It's quite questionabel indeed.

2004-08-07 09:16:03 ET

Personally, I think it's all about versitality. I like pretty much everything except Reggea [did i even spell that right???].

I hate when people are all label crazy, calling people 'poseurs' and shit... people like what they like, music - style...whatever. In a sense, everyone is a poseur really. We just find a place to fit in, and that means checking out different styles...

2004-08-07 18:08:08 ET

I agree, people tend to judge to be like them act like them. Where the fuck be the fun if we all where fucking some label. We should apperciate the art. Yet as people we are so much more !!! oh my goth its a revelation hahahah....

2004-08-07 22:44:50 ET

I think that it pretty much only matters what someone likes at the present. I don't see why anything else should matter, unless if you're really afraid of someone going back and listening to crappy music at any given moment. or...something...

2004-08-08 21:58:26 ET

good point luckieolp. I wish more people would be be understanding then some. Others tend to just hate and thats what I dislike about people. So narrow minded.

2004-08-08 22:41:50 ET

nono, I'm all about the hate. I hate all the time. I just don't see why it matters if someone has a less than flattering history of music fandom. ah well...

2004-08-09 22:42:45 ET

hahahahah ...hate like the fire in your heart

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