Numb feelings
2005-04-25 18:52:58 ET

Taste the sublimination.
Be fed like the rest.
Taste the bitterness of ideal images.
Whorship an idol god.
Ignore the rest.
Substance is nothing.

Health is only a concept.
Metal health is a way of life.
Perfection is the key.
Anything else is nothing.
Confusion is the tool.
Substance is nothing

Faces of reality we hate.
Faces of distortion is what we love.
Personality is a new lie.
Graven images are what we whorship.
Substance is nothing.

Dead rest waiting for the last grain to drop.
Living eat the success of the dead for solynt green is people.
Beauty is the key.
Susbstance is nothing.

Blood gives no life.
The media does.
Success is only waged in the sloth of beauty.
Peminate is a thing of the past.
Scallpels are they tool of gods hand.
Substance is nothing.

Carve me a new face god.
For I'm not perfect.

Its' been close to four months since I last updated so I figure I just do a recap and fill in the blanks. I will start with saying I'm now running a club. Maschine if you don't know alrady and DJing in LA. I went to convergence last week with a few friends. On the trip one of the good company turned out to be bad company sorta brought drama. Yet the weekend was good. I meet tons of new people but one of the top new ones I meet I like the most was VASA a.k.a He who smokes bitches, sykospark, and Gear.
I hung out with LARS, Natasha, Johnny, Carmen, Ryan, and Veronica. Besides the lame company at a few of the parties I got a book giged. Sunday I got home was feeling down a little bit because of the car ride home. Yet when I went to Chamber I felt so much better, I delt with a problem, I got offered a modeling job, a DJing gig, and on top of that I got some one offering fincial help. So this dead boy felt well, just sort getting over a letter a friend sent me that sorta made me feel like I was a pitty pal or not attractive for some reason personality wise. This is why I hate most peole and could carless to talk to alot of people who leech and pretend to have this pseudo intelligent deminor. I could post my long ass debate of life and meanings, the ideas of chaos, god, human conditions, contemporary phiolosphy. Yet I choose to keep it simple so I don't intimidate or come off as something else. Yet I will retire for the day enjoy.

2005-04-25 19:11:58 ET

What's Crackin'

2005-04-25 19:34:43 ET

Well Holy Crap on a Stick with Butter. You posted. Well welcome back or something. Truthfully, I really enjoyed meeting you and being able to spend time with you. It was good fun all around and I hope we can stay in contact. If you want that logo and shite we can talk about that as well.


2005-04-25 22:30:45 ET

Welcome back! I hope I was able to make you feel a smidge better at El Chambre! ^_^

2005-04-26 08:39:04 ET

Actully thank you all for everything. I have enjoyed the the lay I set up don't you all ?? looks all pshyco killer like. I know your jealous !! heheheh actaully I missed you all to so I'm glad to see you on and talking I will post more often.

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