Stop the death Train
2005-05-06 14:19:58 ET

Lets hear the whistel, things haven taken a turn for the worse. Let me off the trains tracks, they have derailed. I need something to find me here. The skys of crows are just waiting for me in the heavens. With the rest of my enternal shame. I can feel the touch and aware of my problems like the rest. Yet don't shed a prescious drop on me. Just rember I've bleed the same for the ghouls that have taken away my name. For the beats are what keep me alive cut to this floor of endless spiral of shame i'm the tile of life. Touch me and know that my pshcyosis runs only so far. The puddel you've describbed is only the mirror you look into. Make sure to touch the papper cuts for the bats will feed apon the red left by my dead. I'm the one who desciding to let it go as the hope in my eyes are glazed. Life seemed to lose the thing that held it tight. Just make sur ethe procession has the drums beat for each time I lost one of you. Then rember that sound is what kept me hear hideen beanth the tears of sarrow and regreat.

So entry, no word on fincial help for school and work interviews at ikea..I feel like shit why can't I find a job to dress in black wear makeup and get away with it. Hummmmm..record stores work maybe I should check them out...maybe a morgue be good to.

2005-05-06 15:08:29 ET

I know this is going to sound like a smartass question, but how can a train's tracks derail? Wouldn't it just be the train derailing?

2005-05-07 09:29:42 ET

I don't know it a poem but have fun with it. Not tht big of a deal but i was thing the path that the train has gone and moved to can take a diffrent direction and derail you from going some where else. If you don't by that then the zombies always ruin things. Sorry, I type fast and ideas come and i write them so I forget sometimes or jusst rush.

2005-05-07 20:36:10 ET

Eh. I was just being a smartass. ;)

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