I got a secret
2005-05-10 13:40:37 ET

Dear fucking Lord I got a big secret !! I want to say but I fucking can't or lordy lord god !! I will once i can. Can you guess what it is ??

2005-05-10 14:39:17 ET

you are pregnant! You are getting married? What?

2005-05-10 15:04:32 ET

does it have to do with a band(s)?

2005-05-10 15:37:04 ET

the new jesus is turkish?

2005-05-11 07:34:35 ET

Andy from combichrist will be playing at my club !! well DJing whoo hoo at a v n v after party lets get fucking down !!

2005-05-11 13:05:45 ET

oh ok. I thought you were pregnant! Woohoo :P

2005-05-11 14:25:27 ET

Yeah, I wish

2005-05-11 17:13:57 ET


is he going to fist fuck everyone's brain?

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