Recap of things to come...
2005-06-06 07:57:28 ET

Stab, drab, and zombies are rad. I spent friday stuck on a street in LA thanks to childish antics that could of hurt people. Got a ride home took sometime to reflect on life then went to bed afer my smoke. I woke up saturday to work. Computers totally crashed, so got sent home early went to get my friends some shades for her room. Then I went to get computer fixed and blah turns out hard drive was fried so that upset me. Went to DJ for redlight kick off party. It was a smash and I loved it had so much fun. I can't wait to open the industrial room at redlight they told me I'd be playing openning night. Also Ronin wrote me back and offered to DJ for us anytime we wanted. Sunday, got a new hard drive for 160 gigs and only for 50 bucks. I was really excited and happy with most the stuff, sunday I drove to Club london and hung out with new friend Rachel.Besides that enjoaybel drama free time.

2005-06-07 10:11:58 ET

we didnt hear back from you that day? did u make it to your interview ?

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