A day that will live in terror
2005-11-13 23:04:08 ET

So the weekend re-cap friday got to patricks appartment and meet Mike , Tamara,Stewart, Patrick and Sarah or (5arah). Hung out got ready for bunker then went. Did a little pre drinking then danced our asses off introduced had fun Stewart got hit on by Voltaire from suicide girls and everyone sorta just hung out talked and meet bands. After went home slept. Saturday, we got up lounged me Patrick got my hair cut service his car got the guys went back to shop but did not happen then went to eat Koren BBQ which was pretty good. Guys went home while Patrick and Patrick went to go get my boots that where comped. Went home dyed our hair and cut Patricks. Looked bitching in it. Went to teh venue and watched the guys play fucking rocked the socks off people. Had a badass time !! guys kicked so much ass. Then drank more talked to Sonya for a bit then went home. Threw an after party for the guys and in return they gave me an Ozone midi mixer for a present to say thanks for all the help andd having a great time. Crashed out about 6 am. Woke up the guys left and Me, Marc, Patrick hung around worked on some stuff a DJ of ours dropped out and we got a new one who just as good. Got some shit worked out and now on easy street people will be blown away with the new logo's so fucking happy heheheheheh..this will be a frist for OC !! so happy and excited for it all !! good weekend

2005-11-19 11:59:45 ET

Nice meeting ya!

2005-12-07 08:02:20 ET


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