2003-08-27 13:40:12 ET

I have lived in Copenhagen (yess the capital of Denmark) for almost a month now! :)
I love it here! :D
I havent smoked for 4 months or something like that! *proud*
Tired now. Must sleep. :P

2003-08-27 14:27:12 ET

Woo! Go the not smoking thing.

Friend of mine recently turned... strange... and moved to Germany / Denmark / Europe in general for a year or so.

2003-08-28 08:54:04 ET

Ooh, where? Both Germany and Denmark is in Europe but cirtainly not the same! ;)

2003-08-28 14:16:51 ET

I'm not 100% sure where he is at the moment. He's just holidaying in Europe in general but spending most of his time in Germany and Denmark, I think.

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