And there is fire, love, on the balcony right here  
  Istasha    Copenhagen
Love is raining down on us, and all you do is wearing your stupid umbrella.

 New favourite Danes <3    2009-10-22 03:28:09 ET
I've loved this song from the first time I heard it (a couple of days ago..) ;)

 What to wear for Halloween?    2009-10-22 03:01:10 ET
I dont have the time to make a new costume, so should I be a tree or a zombie nurse?? :)
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 I'm still here.    2008-10-24 04:25:33 ET
But it's been a while. :P

 Going to the states. :)    2007-01-10 14:49:42 ET
The 25th of january I'm going to Portland, Oregon to visit some friends and live at their place for 3 months! :D I've bought my ticket and a new passport, so Im ready to take off. ^^
Some time during february we're going to drive to LA, all the way down the west coast and later on fly to Las Vegas and celebrate my friend Geigers birthday for 5 days! Woohoo! I'm reeeaaally looking forward to it all! :D

I've never been in USA before. ;)

 Long time..    2004-09-27 06:26:17 ET
Havent been in here for.. like forever..
I'm doing rather good.:) Just gotta catch up on some home-work. And THAT I am really shitty at.. at the moment. And getting up in time in the morning..going to bed earlier than 3 hours before I am getting up. erh. and stay away from the computer.. and not drinking beer.
Now that makes me an alcoholic bad-student, internet-geek, slacker with far too little sleep. Uhm, nothing new I guess.
OH gonna see the PRODIGY for the first time the 22nd this month! I am SO much looking forward. I find it a little silly. I was like 13 when I started listening to it, and I īhavent even seen 'em live yet.

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 Neo-folk..    2004-04-28 05:10:46 ET
Lately, bad stuff happened. I was told my dear friend Atli was dead. I miss him so. :*(

However, by the time I'm mostly into neo-folk. That's so nice, calm and beautiful. Actually I've seen quite a lot of those concerts during the winter. Sonne Hagal, Forseti and Of The Wand And The Moon (all x 3), Death in June and Trio Noir.. weeh. And at Wave Gotik Treffen I'll see Current 93! YAY! Finally!! :D I'm looking soooo much forward for WGT. And it's just around the corner! :O

 Leave me to die..    2004-04-28 05:03:27 ET wonít remember my name.

Eek eeek, Iíll never get this stupid project finished... Iím gonna get renaissance-fobia when this is over. If it will be. Iím gonna get drunk today! Ha! If this stupid project ever will end. And then Iím gonna call someone. My mother perhaps? Havent seen her since cristmas. That makes me like her more. Yes, and miss her more. Havent seen her since christmas. And then Iím gonna tell her about this stupid schoolwork of mine. And how it all went. If it will ever end. And tell her Iíve got drunk. If I will be. And what I should do is to clean up my messy messy room. But i probably wonít cause I will be drunk. If I ever will be. I guess Iíll just fall asleep over my blanket next to my computer. And sleep with my clothes on. I have my computer in my bed, yes. Havenít got anywhere else to put it. And Iíll sleep with my clothes on. And tomorrow Iíll wake up 2 hours too late. And with a doublespeeded heartbeat, cause Iíve been drunk. If I was drunk. And come to late for school. If I ever will go. Maybe my doublespeeded heartbeat will give me a heart attack. Then I probably wonít go. Someone will cry at my funeral. And you wonít remember my name. But if I wonít die, I can give them my map, with this stupid project. If itís finished..

 Well..    2004-02-02 09:00:26 ET
..not being single anymore really cheers you up. But I still canīt do my homework.. *sigh* =P

     2004-01-20 04:48:38 ET

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 Lots of concerts.. :)    2003-10-14 08:51:27 ET
Going to see CONVERTER this friday!! Wheeee!! :D
And WELLE:ERDBALL 7/11!! More wheeee! =)
And Feindflug 14/11 and DEATH IN JUNE 16/11!! EVEN MORE WHEEE!!! :D *happy happy*

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