By the way..    2002-08-19 14:29:24 ET
Here (in Denmark) its 01.30 (night)

 Bored    2002-08-19 14:27:36 ET
Well...what's up? Got up today about 6.30..was cleaning toiletts..argh.. I am about making a leather corsage at school, so that's great!;) Went downtown..have visited some friends..have maybe broken one of my friends finger..ehm..I really hope I haven't!!:/ I went back to my school for some few hours ago..can't really find my friends here..Have no idea where they could be..soooo.. I'm really really bored..
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     2002-08-11 12:15:24 ET


     2002-08-11 11:52:13 ET
According to the Belief System Selector, my #1 belief match is Mahayana Buddhism.
What do you believe?
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     2002-08-11 07:25:05 ET
Michael took me to a party.. Michael has always been like the love of my life. But -off course- we're just friends. We've had more than that, once. But as such things do, it didn't last for more than about a month.. After this summer there's lots of new pupils at this school.. 5 in my class are only 15!! I've only got Michael other friends have started "real" educations..hmm... Well, it's Michaels birthday, and we were celebrating yesterday. We went to his best friends downtown. I've only been there once. Really nice and goodlooking guys..;) I was flirting alot. I LOVE flirting. We got real drunk and high. Well I only got drunk. Don't smoke weed anymore. Anyway, it was really cool. They liked me and I'll always be welcome back..great! Looking forward.. But still, I just want Michael. I'm not in love with him anymore, I just love him..

 Oh man..    2002-08-05 14:15:05 ET
I know I really should go to sleep now.. My school has just started again today..after 2 hours sleep.. I'm really tired, but somehow I always stay up all night. Love the night.. Darkness, silence
But what am I searching for? Who am I looking for? The love of my life? The grace of my death..?
I've had some nice holidays.. Visiting family and stuff.. I almost fell in love again. But realized what a pig he was before it was too late.. Fuck.. Well, I know that not all guys are like that! But it's hard to belive sometimes.. And if they're not.. I'll get tired of them..Not cause I wanna..really!!! But after a couple of weeks, it all falls apart...fuck it..I'm outha here..
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 Getting started..hmm..    2002-06-05 05:41:51 ET
Well, I kinda like this place..Better drop some words.. I've just made a mask! It's very glit&glam'y..but very nice!=) I'm alzo about making this years festival-outfit.. I've got too much stuff to do..and what do I do= Well, for the moment I'm sitting infront of this f**** screen...

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