Update    2003-08-27 13:40:12 ET
I have lived in Copenhagen (yess the capital of Denmark) for almost a month now! :)
I love it here! :D
I havent smoked for 4 months or something like that! *proud*
Tired now. Must sleep. :P

 Yup:P    2003-07-28 18:21:08 ET
ina is a very rare male name.
Very few men in the US are named ina.
Be proud of your unique name!
source namestatistics.com

ina is the #556 most common female name.
0.023% of females in the US are named ina.
Around 29325 US females are named ina!
source namestatistics.com

selnes is the #78386 most common last name.
0.0005% of last names in the US are selnes.
Around 1250 US last names are selnes!

So now I dont have to think about if I could have been born more special if I was a boy..:P

     2003-07-26 10:46:15 ET
  • My #1 result for the SelectSmart.com selector, Which Malice Mizer Member Are You?, is Gackt

  •  This is accually more true. :)    2003-06-15 04:07:29 ET

    You laugh at anti-drug propaganda and are just
    plain curious when it comes to psychoactives
    (to a point, of course). Health (physical and
    mental) is important. Drugs are neither bad nor
    worshipped in your eyes.

    How do you feel about drugs?
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     ...    2003-06-15 03:10:43 ET
    Wanna go baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack to wgt.. :(

    That was paradise for 4 days..

    There was so many nice koncerts and so many beautiful people. It was wonderful being in Leipzig!!:D

    Next stop roskilde festival. Hmm..

     Wheee.    2003-04-27 08:22:18 ET
    Going to Berlin tomorrow.
    Found a really niiiice swedish site. Alot like this accually. http://www.helgon.net That I have been looking for. :)
    1 comment

     WheeeEEee!!    2003-04-17 08:58:28 ET
    I'm going to WaveGotikTreffen in Leipzig!!:D Wheee!! WGT, WGT, WGT..*jumping around singing* I'm the worlds happiest perkygoth!! ;)

     Maybe    2003-03-21 00:06:22 ET
    I want a pet! Some sort of soft and weird little creature with big eyes and big ears!! And it has to make friends with cats without becoming a meal..

         2003-03-19 23:54:12 ET
    I want these http://www.fuckthemainstream.com/product.asp?pid=124
    Maybe I could sew them myself.. =)

     I need new footwear..    2003-03-19 23:40:11 ET
    But I affraid I've got a too splitted personality to deicide what boot/shoes I should buy.. I really like http://gaias-web.com/footwear/otherstyles/kid7.html
    but I also like
    and http://gaias-web.com/footwear/cerex/cerex4.html
    and very much these: http://gaias-web.com/footwear/newrock/newrock5.html

    ..and the site I found them on, was only one of many.. :P Besides, I cant afford it all!!

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