2003-03-21 00:06:22 ET

I want a pet! Some sort of soft and weird little creature with big eyes and big ears!! And it has to make friends with cats without becoming a meal..

2003-03-21 00:07:44 ET

get a sausage dog :) I've got one and its super !

2003-03-21 00:09:49 ET

Har har..nooo I do not want a dog! They're not weird and they smell bad..or, some of them do! ;)

2003-03-21 00:10:46 ET

mine smells like my lil sisters' perfume, he sleeps in her bed with his head on the pillow and all :) thats the weirdest dog I've ever seen

2003-03-21 04:47:02 ET

Get a ferret~! Or an bunny rabbit, they actually get along pretty well with cats.

2003-03-26 00:23:59 ET

im telling ya..get a ferret!

2003-03-27 02:01:00 ET

Accually a very good friend of mine's got 2 ferrets!=) They are soooo nice..and they bite her boyfriend if he does anything wrong.. I tell you -anything-.. argue or something. Har har har..:P

2003-03-27 05:41:53 ET

hell yea! all the more reason to get one :D

2003-03-27 07:31:52 ET


2003-03-27 12:31:58 ET

<3 Domesticated skunks!<3

2003-03-27 23:21:00 ET

Lemure?! Then I want exactly this one: !! Wheee! :D *in love* Har har..;)

2003-03-29 22:24:07 ET

aw sofacute!

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