2003-06-15 03:10:43 ET

Wanna go baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack to wgt.. :(

That was paradise for 4 days..

There was so many nice koncerts and so many beautiful people. It was wonderful being in Leipzig!!:D

Next stop roskilde festival. Hmm..

2003-06-15 03:15:54 ET

ooh, treffen...I was supposed to go this year, but spent all my money on a trip to amsterdam :)
who gave the best preformance? some friends of mine (there was a big crowd of israeli goth hehe) told me they thought decoded feedback was the best..

2003-06-15 03:32:11 ET

Harhar, you did?:P I think I had the time of my life. You should have been there!:D But I guess Amsterdam was fun too. ;)
Dont really know. I remember something about dancing to Diary of Dreams. That was greate! :D And Cinema Strange were quite, erh, strange? Harhar.. :P

2003-06-15 03:33:24 ET

actually I wanted to come to catch s.i.n.a...
maybe I will, next year

2003-06-15 03:34:19 ET

Dont know them.. :/

2003-06-15 03:36:20 ET

they're sort of industrial-noise, don't sure that you'll like them if you're into diray of dreams :)

2003-06-15 04:03:23 ET

I do like industrial and noise. :)
My taste in music is quite of a mix. ;)

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