I need new footwear..
2003-03-19 23:40:11 ET

But I affraid I've got a too splitted personality to deicide what boot/shoes I should buy.. I really like http://gaias-web.com/footwear/otherstyles/kid7.html
but I also like
and http://gaias-web.com/footwear/cerex/cerex4.html
and very much these: http://gaias-web.com/footwear/newrock/newrock5.html

..and the site I found them on, was only one of many.. :P Besides, I cant afford it all!!

2003-03-19 23:54:58 ET

I liked http://gaias-web.com/footwear/cerex/cerex4.html the most out of all of them..

2003-03-21 00:07:51 ET

I just like them all.. You see my problem here? lol..

2003-03-22 11:08:32 ET

Yes, they're all lovely shoes.

2003-03-22 11:08:47 ET

I suggest picking the pair that you have the most clothes to wear with.

2003-03-23 23:20:12 ET

I've got most of the "old fashion goth" skirts and gowns.. (home made off course..) :P But my new collection will propably be more like industrial electro goth something, you know? Besides, it much harder to dance and everything in high heels... but its very feminine..

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