2003-03-19 23:54:12 ET

I want these http://www.fuckthemainstream.com/product.asp?pid=124
Maybe I could sew them myself.. =)

2003-03-20 00:19:44 ET

guess what? the guy modelling them is a tool.

2003-03-20 00:38:04 ET


2003-03-20 00:38:53 ET

nothing :)

2003-03-20 00:56:10 ET

Erh..ok.. I've already drawm 6 pants and two skirts inspired by all this cyber-goth, raver, industrial wear.. The problem is how to get and how to afford buying the materials... Wish I had a rich uncle or something.

2003-03-20 03:44:10 ET

u have the longest bio ive ever seen :)

2003-03-20 05:41:11 ET

go read pinkyish's

2003-03-20 23:54:51 ET

Erhm..thanx or..something!:P I could write much more than this..;)

2003-03-21 04:59:30 ET

please dont ;)

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