Hmm    2002-11-18 05:58:58 ET

A rebel with and without a cause, you belong to the clan of the Brujah. This clan is the muscle of the Camarilla and are always up for fights. However, you are difficult to control...especially since you tend to frenzy easier than most vampires. You are /the/ clan not to piss off or expect a missing limb.

What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?

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 Ineedmoretimeandsomefuckinsleep!!Awrgh..    2002-11-08 13:10:55 ET
Now it's about 00.03.38.. About?
I've been drinking the whole day..almost.. The danish x-masbeers came through today..hee hee..
I've almost finished my "thecuredress".. But I need an hour at least.. I'm dying!! I'm sooooooooooo tired..and still..I'd like to go downtown..meeting friends.. But if I do that..maybe I wont get up tomorrow... Bus drives at 08.10.. I'd kill my self if I'll miss it.. I think.. BERLIN TOMORROW!! I've neverfuckingever been to Berlin before.. Looking really really forward.. Damn.. Little Ina drunk again.. YOU! Have a nice evening/day..
Happy snow..

 HA!!    2002-11-04 08:41:53 ET
Techno-vampire for Halloween...*lol*
Whizky, shrooms and lots of beers..
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 Halloween..    2002-10-29 09:50:57 ET
I got nowhere to go for Halloween..:( Cant afford to leave this shitty town.. Nothing to do..:[ but the things I can do on my own.. No playmates...:/ They seem so far away..

"Jaaaaaack!!!!!! I neeeeeeeeed Halloweeeeeen!!!!!!" Please..

 Oooh this weekend..    2002-10-27 13:39:49 ET
Last week I was i Copenhagen for 10 days, visiting friends and stuff..spent too much money.. But it was surely worth it!:P Got lots of mushrooms from a friend of mine.. Wich we ate this weekend.. It was mad fun! Had a mushroom afterparty saturday-morning..and a mushroom-party saturday night!! Hee hee.. Gotta do that again someday!:D
It was really weird coming down town while tripping.. Poeople seemed stupid, too drunk and anoying..uuh.. Me and a friend clung to eachother the whole night.. People ment WE were strange.. Maybe we were..
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 I aint singing in the rain..    2002-10-21 07:36:59 ET
Argh.. Gotta go buy cigaretts... It's sooo cold..and raining.. Think I should buy an umbrella! It's always raining in Denmark.. fuck..

     2002-10-21 07:33:15 ET
Hmm.. Now I've been vegetarian for more than a month.. Weird..

I l i k e i t . .
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 BTW    2002-10-06 15:32:15 ET
Oh by the way.. I havent eaten any MEAT in 2 weeks now.. =) I like it this way! But I'm not gonna be a "real" vegetarian..

 PERFECT!!=)    2002-10-06 14:39:16 ET
I've now got the ticket to The CURE playing in Berlin next month.. It feels soooo good!:D Gonna spend the whole weekend in Berlin with friends before the koncert.. and I'll buy lots og ABSINTHE....hee hee..=)
To day
I'm happy...

 Bad stuff...    2002-08-29 08:18:46 ET
Okey, this really sux.. Monday afternoon some girls were talking about a car-crash friday night and asked me if I knew any of the passengers... And I really thought I didn't...but guess what? I did.. 2 got badly hurt..and 2 guys of the "unlucky ones" was a friend of mine..Life really sux sometimes..fuck..

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