2002-10-06 14:39:16 ET

I've now got the ticket to The CURE playing in Berlin next month.. It feels soooo good!:D Gonna spend the whole weekend in Berlin with friends before the koncert.. and I'll buy lots og ABSINTHE....hee hee..=)
To day
I'm happy...

2002-10-06 14:47:15 ET

Lucky you! Too bad absinthe is banned in the US. ;)

2002-10-06 14:51:14 ET

Aint it possible to get Absinthe at all??

2002-10-06 14:57:13 ET

”First there was Goth and the world was dark.. And then Goth said: let it get darker”

whats that from?

2002-10-06 15:07:41 ET

yeah it's possible to get it still. there are several brands you can buy online and have shipped here. it's about 80 dollars a bottle though. there are also some "homemade recipes" online, but it doesn't have the same effect.

i envy you. the cure tour...god. all three albums. i would freak.

2002-10-06 15:11:16 ET

"First there was Goth.." Don't exactly remember! Some website a long time ago I think..

2002-10-06 15:13:13 ET

I am feaking allready!!=) It's gonna be heaven for one night...

2002-10-06 16:39:40 ET

I didnt know the cure was touring. Rad.

2002-10-06 16:49:06 ET

Its possible to get Absinthe, but its just like having pot out here. Besides, if you got it, its probably poorly made.

2002-10-06 16:56:13 ET

what is absinthe?

2002-10-06 16:59:43 ET

Its a greenish liquor, made from various plants like fennel aniseed and wormwood. Very nice. Highly intoxicated, often consumed with sugar cubes. Tastes like licorice, but a bit more bitter. LAlala.

2002-10-06 17:00:46 ET


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