Bad stuff...
2002-08-29 08:18:46 ET

Okey, this really sux.. Monday afternoon some girls were talking about a car-crash friday night and asked me if I knew any of the passengers... And I really thought I didn't...but guess what? I did.. 2 got badly hurt..and 2 guys of the "unlucky ones" was a friend of mine..Life really sux sometimes..fuck..

2002-08-29 08:24:38 ET

I'm so sorry...:(

2002-08-29 08:26:47 ET

Oh my... Gyro is sorry.. :[

2002-08-29 09:04:55 ET

Jesus fucking christ. That sucks... Sorry.

2002-09-03 13:58:33 ET

I fell a little better now.. But get depressed and lost all the time.. But that's the way it is I guess..

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