2003-03-19 23:02:06 ET
I visited sykospark net for the first time.. It said: Sick of being a whiney, mopey goth? Then own the dancefloor as an angry rivethead instead! Prove that your local Goth club should become a Goth/INDUSTRIAL club!

My comment for this,
I'm not a whiney mopey goth.. I'm not sure if I'm a goth at all. It's just what I'm called.. :P My being include, perky, happy, punk and baby goth. And I love industrial, EBM, noise, und zu weiter.. And I own the dancefloors allready.. And the BEST (!!): our club IS goth/indistrial.. Yay! ;)

 Need to..    2003-03-17 14:46:53 ET
..go to wave-gotik treffen this year.. Soooo, just now I've deicided to go to Leipzig... Well, I'll try at least! Accually I havent smoked the half of what Im used to, the last couple of weeks..and Ive been drinking the half.. But that's got something to do with.. Ive been to 8 koncerts during the last 5 weeks..erhm.. and spent all my money for the next 2 month.. But, still, Ill try to afford WGT... Mission Impossible XXX.. :P Oh BTW, Im going to Berlin next month with my school! WeeeEe! My only problem is that the teachers says we're not allowed to go out and get drunk and stuff.. How can I imagine myself beinge in Berlin, one of the gothest cities, without going to gothclubs, dancing and drinking all night??!!! Maybe I could sneak absinthe and mushrooms in some food or maybe a delicious cake and offer the teachers to eat it..?!:D

 Live and live..    2003-03-10 05:03:43 ET
Two weeks ago I saw Within Temptation! That was amazing! Sharon'a really got a voice of and angel or something. After the koncert I got a poster signed by them all..and startet to talk with Sharon about fairy clothes and stuff like that. Hee hee..:P
Last friday I saw Diary of dreams (and Birmingham 6..danish industrial)! I had eaten a little mushrooms with some friends of mine and...yeah, that night was incredible and..well, dunno really.. everything good!! Hell yeah!;) :P

 Phuck..    2003-02-14 05:45:00 ET
Well, a couple of days ago some girls at my school planned to make a party at my place thursday.. So I thought that'd be OK... A girl invited 6 boys I dont really know at all. But still I thought that'd be OK. (So there was about 12-15 people..)Anyhow, the boys didnt even say hallo or enterduce (or however u speel it!) them selves. So now I had those rude stangers at my room. But still I thought that'd be Ok.. They didnt even speak to me the whole evening/night! When the stangers went to the next party (or wherever they went)I had a couple of things missing from the table and I began to argue with a girl next door and got really pissed off, and had a fight with my best friend and everything just went wrong!:P I didnt feel like going to school today, so I just stayed home, cleaning up after the stupid people.. And I swear I will never ever invite strangers to my home again.. (Well at least not more than 1 or maybe 2..)

 ..    2003-01-28 08:58:18 ET
Something nice: I'll start training Wing Tsun at monday.. Wheee! I really need a real hobby in my speartime.. When a was a little girl I trained Karate for 6 years.. but then I got a little older and started thinking more about boys, alchohol and cigaretts.. But I think Ive got enough of that for the moment..
Ive got a kitchen-duty-thing thing this week... which means I gotta cook dinner for 20-24 pupils every day...argh.. And the washing-machin didnt work this evening..:P
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 Why do I do this to myself..?    2003-01-20 15:13:31 ET
I've got a new pic.. It must be seen... ;P
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 Erh..    2003-01-19 06:12:13 ET

Which of Kelly Osbourne's random objects are you?
by Razorstar

 05.36 monday morning..    2003-01-12 18:40:36 ET

A different quiz, what strange type of person are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

I should be sleeping/dreaming now.. :P Guess I'll catch up on that after school.. It's been a strange night. Talking about moving to the capital KÝbenhavn with someone I havent met yet..Hmm.. He seems very =)

 ...    2003-01-07 05:55:23 ET

What kind of Goth would you be?

brought to you by Quizilla
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 Oh well....    2002-12-02 16:51:02 ET
I was never here... Now Im back again..? Ive been sooo tired the whole 4 o clock I planned to sleep an hour or two..but couldnt really get out of bed before here I its 3.50.. not tired at all.. Hmm...blah.. Wanna go to BERLIN! Oh..soon it's my birthday.. friday the 13th dec...accually! Heh...nice..;)

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