2003-02-14 05:45:00 ET

Well, a couple of days ago some girls at my school planned to make a party at my place thursday.. So I thought that'd be OK... A girl invited 6 boys I dont really know at all. But still I thought that'd be OK. (So there was about 12-15 people..)Anyhow, the boys didnt even say hallo or enterduce (or however u speel it!) them selves. So now I had those rude stangers at my room. But still I thought that'd be Ok.. They didnt even speak to me the whole evening/night! When the stangers went to the next party (or wherever they went)I had a couple of things missing from the table and I began to argue with a girl next door and got really pissed off, and had a fight with my best friend and everything just went wrong!:P I didnt feel like going to school today, so I just stayed home, cleaning up after the stupid people.. And I swear I will never ever invite strangers to my home again.. (Well at least not more than 1 or maybe 2..)

2003-02-16 16:18:45 ET

*shakes angry fist* that sux ass...dont take that shit!

2003-03-17 15:35:44 ET

That does suck. Oh well I hope you got revenge. I think the worst part is not that they were rude, because it's easy to get over that, but that the bastards stole things!

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