2003-03-19 23:02:06 ET

I visited sykospark net for the first time.. It said: Sick of being a whiney, mopey goth? Then own the dancefloor as an angry rivethead instead! Prove that your local Goth club should become a Goth/INDUSTRIAL club!

My comment for this,
I'm not a whiney mopey goth.. I'm not sure if I'm a goth at all. It's just what I'm called.. :P My being include, perky, happy, punk and baby goth. And I love industrial, EBM, noise, und zu weiter.. And I own the dancefloors allready.. And the BEST (!!): our club IS goth/indistrial.. Yay! ;)

2003-03-19 23:06:28 ET

lol.. the site is satirical..

2003-03-19 23:31:53 ET

oh! Shit... :P I hadnt seen the front page and the rest. Only It was that part I found first in a search.. Now I think I wanna be cool and EMOtional instead of goth!! ;P

2003-03-19 23:37:46 ET


2003-03-19 23:44:41 ET

Emo skumm rules. ;p

2003-03-19 23:46:58 ET

Yeah. But now I must get some glasses..;) Maybe some really cheap ones.. Then you cant see anything and people also think you're on drugs.. Well, most of the time they think so anyway..:P

2003-03-19 23:48:16 ET

People think you're on drugs if you're a raver though. :))

2003-03-19 23:57:27 ET

People think you're on drugs if you roll a cigg while sitting on a bench!!

2003-03-19 23:57:50 ET

lol sometimes. Or here, they just might think you're homeless.

2003-03-20 00:10:41 ET

People think you're on drugs because most probably you are. ;P

2003-03-20 00:14:11 ET

Damn, who told you so? They promissed not to tell...

2003-03-20 00:18:54 ET

har har. We guess from that clody look in your eyes.

2003-03-20 00:38:54 ET

Now I have one more reason for becoming an EMO and buy glasses..:P

2003-03-20 00:54:11 ET


2003-03-20 01:00:48 ET

I love my school!!:D Ive been sitting here since about 9 o clock and been done nothing! Well, drawn a lot of pants and some skirts.. But I was supposed to be sewing something.. Maybe they've given up on me... I've given up for the rest of the day.. I cant afford the material I want... :( Life's unfair..

2003-03-20 01:17:11 ET

Well, I'm at work and bumming my ass off on, so I guess it's cool too ;)

What are you studying exactly? Sounds nifty.

2003-03-20 02:03:44 ET

Im not really studying. Its more like if you wanna go further with design, sewing, and stuff its easier to get into a real designschool if you've been here. Erhm.. But still this place is called a designschool. (Designskolen Nykbing F.) Har har.. :P

2003-03-20 02:06:02 ET

that's one fucked up languag you have there.

Cool, though. :D

2003-03-20 02:22:05 ET

Har har.. Det kan blive meget vrre, tro mig!:P

2003-03-20 02:35:06 ET

hey! I can speak Hebrew on your page, you know.

o befontim sheat yechola lehavin.

2003-03-20 03:06:47 ET

lol. Danish, Hebrew, An garde?! :P Norwegian: m jo innrmme ikke forstr mye av det der, men det ser da fett ut! ;)

2003-03-20 03:13:15 ET


I'm stoned als een garnaal. ;))

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