2002-11-08 13:10:55 ET

Now it's about 00.03.38.. About?
I've been drinking the whole day..almost.. The danish x-masbeers came through today..hee hee..
I've almost finished my "thecuredress".. But I need an hour at least.. I'm dying!! I'm sooooooooooo tired..and still..I'd like to go downtown..meeting friends.. But if I do that..maybe I wont get up tomorrow... Bus drives at 08.10.. I'd kill my self if I'll miss it.. I think.. BERLIN TOMORROW!! I've neverfuckingever been to Berlin before.. Looking really really forward.. Damn.. Little Ina drunk again.. YOU! Have a nice evening/day..
Happy snow..

2002-11-08 13:13:48 ET

Berlin reminds me of Hedwig and the angry inch...if i lived near there, you better believe i'd be in east berlin trying to find the piece of broken church on which little Hansel met Luther...

^if you've never seen Hedwig, you wouldn't get it...and i recommend you go see it!


2002-11-08 13:30:02 ET

have fun in berlin! i wanna go!!!!!!!

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