Oh man..
2002-08-05 14:15:05 ET

I know I really should go to sleep now.. My school has just started again today..after 2 hours sleep.. I'm really tired, but somehow I always stay up all night. Love the night.. Darkness, silence
But what am I searching for? Who am I looking for? The love of my life? The grace of my death..?
I've had some nice holidays.. Visiting family and stuff.. I almost fell in love again. But realized what a pig he was before it was too late.. Fuck.. Well, I know that not all guys are like that! But it's hard to belive sometimes.. And if they're not.. I'll get tired of them..Not cause I wanna..really!!! But after a couple of weeks, it all falls apart...fuck it..I'm outha here..

2002-08-05 14:17:22 ET

alot of guys are like that... fucking pigs...

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