Getting started..hmm..
2002-06-05 05:41:51 ET

Well, I kinda like this place..Better drop some words.. I've just made a mask! It's very glit&glam'y..but very nice!=) I'm alzo about making this years festival-outfit.. I've got too much stuff to do..and what do I do= Well, for the moment I'm sitting infront of this f**** screen...

2002-06-05 05:51:16 ET

but sitting at a computer screen is soo much fun...heh...

2002-06-05 07:01:18 ET

silverchair is my favourite, too, 4-ever!
poor daniel not able to play edgefest. i hope he gets better. i love to see him perform.
do you know where i should get a good choker, like yours? i think it's mucho pretty.
i have to eat some more lunch and psych out before i go back to school.
then goodwill, wish me luck!

2002-06-05 07:33:40 ET

I like some masks. Take a photo of the mask so we can see it.

2002-06-05 19:49:38 ET

enjoy your time here.

2002-06-08 15:46:49 ET

Timewasters unite!

2002-06-08 15:51:33 ET

woo hoo

2002-06-12 04:42:38 ET

Watch out. This place is full of loonies.

2002-06-12 04:49:24 ET

uh huh

2002-06-16 15:08:25 ET

i like the pics...snazzy~

2002-06-19 22:28:07 ET

rix is a drunk ass raping monkie whore, i got fucked up at her house once... i woke up in a purple tasly womens thong,kinky.

2002-06-19 22:34:56 ET

And that makes me weird????

2002-06-19 22:42:15 ET

no not at all... i'm the fucked up one, remember...

2002-06-19 22:48:07 ET

lol. riiiiiiiight. You only get that title for being with Tisha. :-S

2002-06-19 22:52:43 ET

hey ya know what rikki fuck you ... fuck you right in the ear...and splooge up your nose, by the way can i have your hot pants since i look so sexy in them????? :))

2002-06-19 22:56:21 ET

ewwwwwwww.... I have pics of that. And I don't need or want splooge in my ear. :-P

2002-06-19 22:58:00 ET

o... maky

2002-06-24 17:48:23 ET

Istasha, you have some great musical tastes. Silverchair, Pumpkins, Green Day, Placebo, Queen. Tell me you listen to the Violent Femmes or the Queers.

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