Long time..
2004-09-27 06:26:17 ET

Havent been in here for.. like forever..
I'm doing rather good.:) Just gotta catch up on some home-work. And THAT I am really shitty at.. at the moment. And getting up in time in the morning..going to bed earlier than 3 hours before I am getting up. erh. and stay away from the computer.. and not drinking beer.
Now that makes me an alcoholic bad-student, internet-geek, slacker with far too little sleep. Uhm, nothing new I guess.
OH gonna see the PRODIGY for the first time the 22nd this month! I am SO much looking forward. I find it a little silly. I was like 13 when I started listening to it, and I ´havent even seen 'em live yet.

2005-05-31 22:29:46 ET

prodigy heheheh ben a while since sombody was seeing them. like the photos and your looking cute dear ttyl bye.

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