2004-04-28 05:10:46 ET

Lately, bad stuff happened. I was told my dear friend Atli was dead. I miss him so. :*(

However, by the time I'm mostly into neo-folk. That's so nice, calm and beautiful. Actually I've seen quite a lot of those concerts during the winter. Sonne Hagal, Forseti and Of The Wand And The Moon (all x 3), Death in June and Trio Noir.. weeh. And at Wave Gotik Treffen I'll see Current 93! YAY! Finally!! :D I'm looking soooo much forward for WGT. And it's just around the corner! :O

2004-04-28 06:13:08 ET

im sorry about your friend. : (

2004-04-28 14:11:29 ET

Well thanx or such.. Stuff like that always seem to happen. Unfortunately. The more people you know the more you lose. But this guy really was one of the people in this world with the greatest heart.. there should have been room and time enough for him.. dammit.

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