Going to the states. :)
2007-01-10 14:49:42 ET

The 25th of january I'm going to Portland, Oregon to visit some friends and live at their place for 3 months! :D I've bought my ticket and a new passport, so Im ready to take off. ^^
Some time during february we're going to drive to LA, all the way down the west coast and later on fly to Las Vegas and celebrate my friend Geigers birthday for 5 days! Woohoo! I'm reeeaaally looking forward to it all! :D

I've never been in USA before. ;)

2007-01-10 15:30:59 ET

Have fun in the US. Los Angeles is a better city than people give credit if you know your way around.

2007-01-10 18:04:40 ET

Thanx! :) I'm quite sure my friend Darcy knows where to go and such, so I think it'll be great. :)

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