XXX2006-04-10 07:35:43 ET

It was quite the weekend.
Menomonee Falls for Chaos Fest [[Orchard INN]]. Veil of Maya was postively brutal.
Ria pretty much ODed on 10 Valium so I watched her in Fear only to get thanked by a constant text drama telling me that ignored her the entire show. :D. 12$ for fear and ungratefulness.
Oh well.
The time spent at which i wasn't "babysitting". I hung out with a bunch of West Bend, Greenbay, Burlington, Milwuakee kids.
it was an amazing show all in all.
Specially with my Dana.
haha Ozark and Carlo were there whom got high with Wayne,
I pointed and laugh in pity for them.

Dana and I went to Mayfair.
Saw Zak from West Bend for like 5 minutes.
Digimon Sean or Sean Killer, Ozark, Rachel and Sara met us there.
We hung out for a tad bit.
Chatted about Courage the Cowardly Dog.
They asked us to got to Chiodos but we were poor and declined.
Dana and I ended up stealing $260+ at MayFair, EEP.
Then we went to see Paulo because i have a tad bit of a crush on him.
We hung out at Target? haha lame.
Dana and I pretty much took sunglasses and some gloves?
the alarm went off but no one stopped us so we kept walking [duh].

Had a performance.
Did well.
Went to the mall with Dana and Crystal.
Told Naet off.
Was told that Tony Choy got to go grocery shopping with Black My Heart [[jealoussssy]].
danced to the spice girls.

it was fun. E>

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