The "Randy Recliner".
2006-05-01 07:06:45 ET

<small>Mike Glenn is one of the most humour boys i have ever met.
We went to B&N and I theived like 5books while he told me the only book hes ever read was entitled Spirit Bear, and it was a pretty good fucking book. I'm currently reading "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs." its real funny.

We took some neat pix this weekend.


2006-05-01 07:24:15 ET

awww i love the freckles so so cute. you're adorable

2006-05-01 07:25:59 ET

Thank you baby girl.
you are the adorable one duh.
my freckles are weirddd. E>

2006-05-01 08:30:24 ET

i love freckles on cheeks. they are just too cute

2006-05-01 10:37:50 ET

you have freckles just like mine

2006-05-01 20:09:04 ET

hot damn i've never seen such disembodied yet fucking incendiarily gorgeous and hawt mid-century chic pin-up photo action such as that second one.
title for it at all?

oh, Ps: next time we come through wisconsin i'm fucking taking you out!

2006-05-02 05:47:57 ET


2006-05-02 06:55:11 ET

Stellarblues: You're way amazing. I love freckles, they just are weird on meee. but they still are cool. it enhances my "doll" appearance or so my dear friend heidi thinks.

Venadium; Its cause we own. E>

Stormzealot: I am most definetly not that great looking, but thank you very much darling.

Jordy: >:[ what are you kekekekekekeing about?!

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