Whoooo no class tonight!
2009-01-28 07:47:39 ET

So I go to log in to my college's student website thingamajig, and see that my finance prof sent a notice that he's out sick. Would've been nice to send out an email or post on WebCT, but I guess that was too hard.

The weather sux out, but at least now I can go to the gym later without staring at the clock, and maybe I can get some laundry done which I was holding off til tomorrow afternoon after my marketing class.(ugh why do I have to do crap like marketing and finance for my major)

That finance class really annoyed me last night having to pay to submit my homework, and the prof provided false info about one of the buying options. There's a $20 option to use the Homework Manager, and a $65 option that is suppose to provide an ebook copy. But their idea of an ebook, is using their cumbersome website and forcibly reading the book page by page off their site, not a PDF or anything. (Even though they offer PDFs of the first 3 chapters to everyone). Now I gotta wait til tomorrow to get a refund, since I called today and they're like "we can't do a partial refund, so you'll have to buy the $20 key and call back tomorrow when the order is in our system so we can cancel out the $65 purchase." LAME! Hate you McGraw-Hill.

By the time I was done with the homework last night it was like 9. So instead of making a decent dinner I made a chicken salad. Granted it's a meal, but I consider it more of a lunch than a dinner.

I gotta map out an upper body workout for the gym. I use to know a good site that showed you all these exercises and what muscles they work, but I don't remember what it was called.

2009-01-28 08:39:17 ET

Its a sticky in bodyheads on sicktracks(the muscle thing). Either that are just ask Wedge

2009-01-28 08:41:33 ET

Yeah I think that's where I found it. Gonna check there now.

2009-01-28 14:00:41 ET

If you find that site let me know, I've been looking for something similar. Thank you!

2009-01-28 15:02:20 ET

Check out Exercise & Muscle Directory

2009-01-28 15:35:31 ET

Sweet, thanks.

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