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AIM: KyusakuNK
Jorb: Student@NJIT
Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese
Fav Batman Villain: Wrath

I keep up with indie bands in Japan and have many friends there either in bands or otherwise.

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Jesus vs Japan  

今日から。。。2009-02-18 08:08:27 ET


最近ほかの人のブログは面白くないと思う。 いつも彼氏や彼女とかのことばかりだ! 僕にとってもおもしろくねぇぇぇ!だれにもライブやテレビ番組や映画や音楽をあまり書かない。ちょっと詰まらない。そして特撮のことをぜんぜん知らない。悔しい!友達のためにここに来たけどイメージはちょっと違うと思う。


Need to fill space2009-02-17 12:14:01 ET

So, with Heroes still being a shitstorm of shit, and other shows coming to an end, I need new stuff to watch. I've been pondering going back to my guilty pleasure of tokusatsu, a genre that will never die in Japan. Early last year I had been following Gekiranger, and Kamen Rider Den-O til they ended and Kamen Rider Kiva and Go-onger began. But Go-onger seemed pretty lame, and Kiva had lots of plot potentials, but as usual for TOEI, never going anywhere for the first 30 or so episodes. So I gave up and focused more on American programming. Earlier this month and late last month Shinkenger and Kamen Rider Decade started. Is it time I go back to those roots? I think I might.

Happy Saturday!2009-02-14 14:48:57 ET

To all the single folks out there!

A Terminator moment2009-02-13 23:00:07 ET

If God made us in his own image with hinge joints, does that make ball and socket joints evil/ungodly?

The 25 random things about me thing from Facebook2009-02-06 09:40:44 ET

1. I am very lazy person, but I'm a bit obsessive about organization. When I organize books or other objects I will often either organize them by size or alphabetically.

2. I am pretty lazy about school, but when it comes to work I am a workaholic. (When working at Toyota for 2 years I never took any kind of day off; personal, sick, vacation, etc.)

3. I probably have 5 years of college, but only an associate's degree to show for it at the moment.

4. My interests will often change on a regular basis. Sooner or later if I like something I lose interest in it.

5. I am often a good judge of character.

6. Growing up I was a very shy person and everyday I battle with social anxieties I grew up with.

7. I have friends that I have known for over 12 years, and may have met them physically once, twice, or not at all but consider them to be some of my closest friends.

8. I can't stand stupid people.

9. I can be brutally honest even when it doesn't call for it because I hate lying.

10. I haven't been in a relationship for several years and not upset about it. =)

11. I use to be a pretty negative and pessimistic person, until one point I felt I hit rock bottom socially. At that point I decided to think positively and have a optimistic outlook, and been pretty content with life ever since.

12. I can be pretty picky about women.

13. I was born with both of my eyes suffering from strabismus and had surgeries to fix it. Was fine til I was 5 when an accident caused by my sister caused it to come back in my left eye. Had several surgeries for it since then, and still have it. Any surgery at this point would be for cosmetic reasons.(Strange thing is I have no family history with eye problems)

14. I like others depending on me, but I don't like depending on others.

15. Even though I may have a backlog of movies or shows to watch, I'll often watch whatever is on TV at the moment.

16. I have never read a book for fun.

17. I am afraid of heights. (Not flying, just being in a high place if there is not much support)

18. I haven't weighed 210lbs(current weight) since junior year in high school.

19. I've gone days without sleeping which one time resulted in me having hallucinations while driving back from Boston at 2AM in the rain.

20. I hate drama, I have broken off contact or friendships because I don't want to deal with something that could have be avoided with honesty.

21. I love gory horror movies, but real blood and injures make me nauseous and give me anxiety.

22. I am extremely indecisive.(don't ever let me decide where to eat for dinner)

23. I am a night owl. I can't do anything I want to do unless it's between 6PM to 6AM. For example laundry, there have been times I go to do laundry at 2AM.

24. I often like to plan ahead, but I have no real long term goals. I prefer to live in the moment because my interests are ever changing.

25. I love so much music yet can't play a single instrument.

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