Need to fill space
2009-02-17 12:14:01 ET

So, with Heroes still being a shitstorm of shit, and other shows coming to an end, I need new stuff to watch. I've been pondering going back to my guilty pleasure of tokusatsu, a genre that will never die in Japan. Early last year I had been following Gekiranger, and Kamen Rider Den-O til they ended and Kamen Rider Kiva and Go-onger began. But Go-onger seemed pretty lame, and Kiva had lots of plot potentials, but as usual for TOEI, never going anywhere for the first 30 or so episodes. So I gave up and focused more on American programming. Earlier this month and late last month Shinkenger and Kamen Rider Decade started. Is it time I go back to those roots? I think I might.

2009-02-17 12:44:08 ET

Babylon 5 is made of win.

2009-02-17 13:46:26 ET

Meh, I like scifi, but less on the drama aspect. I doubt Babylon 5 offers the action/fight choreography that the shows I recommend have. JAE made its foundation with those franchises for over 30 years.

2009-02-18 02:28:33 ET

fair. Do you watch a lot of anime?

2009-02-18 07:26:41 ET

Not anymore, I've come to despise the genre. Especially with the downturn of fail it has plummeted to in the last decade.

2009-04-10 08:34:16 ET

Breaking Bad, on amc. its awesome sauce

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