Happy Saturday!
2009-02-14 14:48:57 ET

To all the single folks out there!

2009-02-14 15:39:03 ET

Bettie is still available holmes. She was on you like white on rice

2009-02-14 19:07:22 ET

No offense bro, not interested. Got other prospects.

2009-02-14 19:09:08 ET

Got other prospects? Wtf are you a gold miner in 1849 california

2009-02-14 19:57:34 ET

Maybe I was in a past life, jerk.

2009-02-15 05:35:37 ET

The jerk store called. They're running out of you

2009-02-15 05:43:57 ET


2009-02-15 05:56:26 ET

See below

2009-02-15 05:57:55 ET

2009-02-15 07:31:21 ET

Yeah, well I slept with your wife.

2009-02-15 07:37:04 ET

Dude not funny. You know my wife is in a coma

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