2009-01-30 20:32:17 ET

So my biceps are sore from my workout the other day. Can't keep my arms straight. And got some weird indigestion too.

Tomorrow is lunch with some associates at some Japanese restaurant, then at night going to see a friend's band in Brooklyn. It's their CD release show. I hope my arms aren't bothering me much tomorrow, I took a day off from the gym today and don't feel like making that a habit.

I watched The Wrestler today, I didn't find it to be all that great. It was ok, but well the characters seemed formulaic, and Randy's daughter sure changed her mind quickly about her dad after that coat. Seemed kinda shallow to me. Marisa Tomei naked was pretty win though. Maybe I've seen too many wrestling docus.

I can't find my screwdriver, I want to build this coat stand I bought.

2009-01-31 05:54:16 ET

Movie was great. Mickey Rourke is the fucking man. I'm still thinking about punching the slicer

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