2009-01-31 05:54:04 ET

So, some backstory. In my first post, Jimmy commented something about sticking a needle in my eye. Which is basically related to some health issues I had back in December. Basically, my right eye was suffering from macular degeneration. Basically, new blood vessels were growing in my eye causing me to lose my vision. The latest treatment for this is getting an injection directly in my eye of some medication, either avastin or lucentis.

The treatment has returned my vision to normal for the most part. I have suffered minor loss of low light vision. I had my second injection in the beginning of January and have to go back in 2 months for another possible injection.

My vision is normal, but lately I've noticed like random events of a hair-like figure in my vision. Basically looks something like if you have a black hair on one of you're glasses lenses. Except it's not stationary, if I move the direct of my eye it kinda moves around like it's floating in my eye. I think I might call my doctor about it. I didn't experience this with my first injection. Then again for a good part of my first injection my vision wasn't exactly normal.

2009-01-31 06:42:57 ET

Those are squigglies. And they are absolutely normal(according to my Dr. When I got my glasses last month) if you start seeing them like everyday it could be cancer. I wouldn't worry

2009-02-02 04:58:49 ET

my cousin has that but she let it go so she's lost most her vision in that eye. i hope the shots continue to work.

2009-02-02 06:17:32 ET

Well, the first shot was enough, I think. But the doctor is being safe and giving me a couple more injections to be sure it's completely taken care of. The treatment is relatively new, only been used in the last couple years. Doc has no idea what caused it, and says I'm an unusual case because it normally happens to older people. The the damage that was done is noticeable to me, but it's a lot better than complete loss of vision.

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