It's cold out there in Brooklyn.
2009-02-01 10:35:50 ET

So last night I go see my friend's band, ゼラチン, in Brooklyn at a place called BPM. It's kind of a loft space venue. My friend Jun is a bit particular on how to pronounce the band's name. The band name is "Gelatine" but pronounce it basically "zerachin" which is basically how you pronounce gelatin in Japanese. It was their CD release event, finally an album after such a long while.

Their music is pretty unusual and crazy, but that's how they are. Good friends of mine and known them for quite a while. I'll be helping them get distribution for their album in Japan. Oh, I ran into my friend Tony from echostream, he was hanging out for a bit, the night before he has to go to Boston for the first show his band is doing with BLOOD and SiSen. Here's hoping things go well with him and the rest of the members of his band who are also personal acquaintances of mine.

Other news of the night, ゼラチン played with a band called Geist from Baltimore. Who obviously have influences in VK(visual kei). I think they have a pretty good sound and decent potential, but I have one gripe. All their songs are in Japanese.

With their lead vocalist being an American with minimal background in the language(basically learned from watching variety shows or something as she said last night), it kind of bothers me. I don't see something terribly wrong, it's just well, can you try to do songs in English? Right now it seems too much like imitation than really creating something. Even bands in Japan that have a good amount of songs in English in their catalog still have plenty of songs in Japanese as well. At this current rate, you're aiming at a niche market that for the most part doesn't support their artists.(Article reference)

But, I digress. It's Superbowl Sunday, and I will probably be going to my friend Mike's place. He usually buys a bunch of food. And has a bunch of people over. No ridic TV, but has a bunch of older consoles to mess around on during breaks. Before that I should be working on my Ethical Hacking HW, but I'm not, I suck.

2009-02-02 04:30:36 ET

Sounds like a fun night!

2009-02-02 05:35:04 ET

Yeah, was a pretty good show. Saw some people I hadn't seen in a while.

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