So very ill.
2003-12-24 10:17:04 ET

I'm sick...again! Generally, I get sick only once a year...but this year was twice!! How is that fair? Grr.

Waylon and Danielle gave it to me, I gave it to my dad who gave it to my mom, who gave it back to me...and let me tell you...this sucker has mutated....ugh...MISERY, I tell you. mannequin head finally came in so I can begin the top secret hair competition...stuff...on her. YAY.

ooo...the room is getting very bright...i think it's time for a lay down...ooph.

2003-12-24 17:38:59 ET

POor Monkey! Being sick is evil and wrong, being sick twice with the same thing is even eviler and wronger, and being sick with the same thing for the second time durring the holidaze is evilerer and wrongerer!! *sends warm, fuzzy, non-sick thoughts*

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