Phenomenauts...phenomenal :]
2003-12-28 09:02:21 ET

I went to see the Phenomenauts last night. I'm sure I'm spelling their name wrong. It was interesting because I hadn't been to that venue in years. The Gilman hasn't changed a bit and I think the same couches were there last night as were seven years ago when I frequented the place.

It was totally fun. Even though the other bands I saw kinda sucked, I had fun making fun of them with Waylon, Loki, and TheKilted. Waylon and I had to leave about half way through the Phenomenauts' set because we suck and don't have a car. We still ended up getting interestingly stranded, and even though we left at midnight I didn't get home until one...

Anyhow...Puppy want my attention...must go tackle her.

2003-12-28 09:29:27 ET

You lucky wanker. I wanted to go see them last night, but I had to go work instead. *sigh*
*shakes fist*
Tackle the puppy for me too ;)

2003-12-28 10:07:13 ET

you spelled it right

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