Do you ever wonder...
2003-12-28 17:03:38 ET

...if you cease to exist when you're alone? Cuz when you think about it, if you're home alone...and nobody is around and nobody is thinking about you, what evidence is there to prove that you exist?

2003-12-28 17:10:51 ET

Whoa. Second post on SK today questioning the proof of existence. No one can prove they exist. Its just the inference to the best explaination that we do.

2003-12-28 17:16:05 ET's one thing to acknowledge that theory, but quite another to actually realize it may be's almost self-defeating, because if we don't really exist, what's the point in going to work? That's it. I'm never going to work ever again until I figure it out.

2003-12-28 17:29:47 ET

Hehe, you're right by UC Berkeley. Go find the head of the science dept, the head of the philosophy dept and psychology dept. And sit them all together and demand they come up with an answer.

2003-12-28 17:41:57 ET

that would be amusing to watch

2003-12-28 17:50:22 ET

Yes, preferably holding them at gunpoint.

2003-12-28 17:57:08 ET

i think that's the only way you'd get them to agree to do it in the first place.

2003-12-28 18:04:49 ET

Man, if I ever get malignant cancer, I know exactly what I'm doing.

2003-12-28 21:53:21 ET


2003-12-28 23:42:58 ET

if a shannon falls in her room, and no one is around to hear it, does she make a sound?

2003-12-28 23:44:24 ET

haha, well if a shannon falls, isn't she around to hear it?

2003-12-29 09:53:14 ET

oooh. True dat.

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