2004-01-22 09:09:08 ET

I think I have caught the death...weezing, coughing grossness, I tell ya. I took the day off of work today to feel better...I really could have gone in, I suppose, but tomorrow and sat. are the busiest days of the week, and i don't want to feel worse for them.

Sunday, I'm getting tatted up. So excited. The tattoo guy is totally excited about it, too, as it's one of his best designs ever. Challenging, too, as there's a lot of detail...

Ok...must get food.

2004-01-22 13:57:17 ET

OOOOOOOOOOOO! A new tat. How jealous I be. I spect to see pics! ;)

2004-01-22 23:03:04 ET

after sunday, you can see in person if we can both manage to emerge from hermitage :P

2004-01-24 00:03:30 ET

What is this?! Emerge?! From my HOME! Blasphemy. I wont leave till I'm out of food. And condiments. And cardboard...

2004-01-26 10:23:44 ET

lol...but outside it's nice...there can be frollicking in the sunshine...assuming the sun chooses to shine.

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