What a wonderful pain :]
2004-01-26 10:30:39 ET

I got my arm started. It's really exciting because the artist is totally excited about it. It's his fav. "project" he's got going. IT LOOKS SO FREAKIN AWESOME AND IT"S NOT EVEN HALF WAY DONE, YET!!!! It gets more beautiful the more I look at it.

I will post pics later...maybe if I can get a certain *someone* to take pics with his brand spankin' new digital camera, I can post them tonight ::wink wink, nudge nudge::

let me tell you...you haven't felt pain until you've had someone tattoo on your funny bone...oh my god. My arm is still mad at me.

2004-01-26 10:52:31 ET

what design did you get tattooed on your arm?

is it pretty?

2004-01-26 10:56:07 ET

cant wait to see :-D

2004-01-26 10:58:44 ET

It's an asian goddess of protection riding on the back of her dragon with all kinds of wind and stuff...and she's holding a lotus flower whose petals are blowing around her. SUPER pretty :D

2004-01-26 11:00:24 ET


that sounds so rad! i must see it..it seems to be this beautiful piece of art that must be seen!

2004-01-30 02:26:55 ET

Ok, I'm definitely going to have to see this when I'm up there.

2004-01-30 18:23:13 ET

w3rd...when you coming up?

2004-01-31 01:32:22 ET

2 weeks.

2004-02-01 21:17:53 ET

right on...there will be color in it by then, too :] I just got some of it shaded in today...man...shading is by far worse than straight lines...at least with lines you don't have to go over it five times...bah.

2004-02-01 21:18:43 ET

Exactly....I'm glad all my stuff so far has been just straight lines or fills...I'm going to regret shading or anything with red.

So will it be done by the time I'm up?

2004-02-01 21:21:39 ET

not finished but almost...i think we're about a third of the way done with it, and I will go back once before your visit.

2004-02-16 00:53:20 ET

it looks DAMN good....like my haircut :)

2004-02-16 05:22:41 ET

haha, shanks :D

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