all the cool kids are doing it:
2004-04-27 21:54:45 ET

Post a memory of me in a comment to this post. It can be anything you want. Then, post this to your journal and see what people remember of you.

2004-04-27 23:28:04 ET

"Are you wearing platforms?"
"'re still pretty tall"

2004-04-28 00:51:01 ET

*Edited for explicit content*

2004-04-28 03:29:32 ET

I don't know, I've never met you, but I remember when you were a sweetass and said you'd make me some falls.
Or when I was really upset and you talkeded to me about it.

2004-04-28 14:34:40 ET

My first thought? "Holy shit, the logistics are simply astounding!!!" Teehee... yer cool people, I can see why he digs ya :)

2004-04-30 09:12:50 ET

shit shit....we're stuck on the bridge...tell the lady at the salon we'll be there in like five minutes ....or at dylan's birthday "Don't fucking call me mom!"

2004-04-30 17:47:12 ET live! you and the boys need to come 'round soon...I'm not havin a party, but my bday is tomorrow, so there will be binge drinking sometime soon. This goes for all who have commented.

2004-04-30 17:54:56 ET

ah man...happy i am so fucking sick. i've got mono or strep....or some weird combo of the two. i've been in bed for the last couple of days...the only time i left was to go see kraftwerk. all i can eat are like really smooth things otherwise my throat kills me with pain :( we will hopefully see eachother soon...maybe i can cook for you guys :)

2004-04-30 18:54:13 ET

yes! fooood...but only once you're better :]

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