2004-04-30 17:50:28 ET

the boy is out of town...this makes me sad...:,[

but as a result of the boy being out of town, I get to hang out with the wee one exclusively for a few days...this makes me smile :]

however, I am totally ready for him to come back, even though he's having a blast out there in the big apple.


2004-04-30 22:51:37 ET

What terrible timing! I fergot it was yer berfday!! HAPPY BERFDAY LADY!! How can you get laid on yer bday if the boy is out of town? He better make up for it big time when he gets back ;)

2004-05-01 15:26:45 ET

where'd dylan go?

2004-05-01 16:14:19 ET

Femm: lol, i know! totally terrible timing, but its ok, cuz it's for his cousin's bar mitsfa (sp?) (I should add, though, in his defense, he asked permission). I've never actually gotten laid on my berfday, actually. It's a very wierd phenomenon.

ar2jr: he went to NY, the lucky bastard.

2004-05-01 16:15:17 ET


2004-05-02 10:43:41 ET

bah. Lame I say. Ah well. Did you have a good day?

2004-05-03 12:21:10 ET

i did, indeed :] Waylon and I are going to Kips tonight, if you're interested

2004-05-03 21:48:28 ET

wee! I have no idea where Kips is atm, because I am sleep depped monkey, but shank you muchly for the invite, and I hope you have a blast!!

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