It's done!
2004-05-23 17:44:10 ET

My arm is finished...I will have to go in for touchups soon, but not for a while...wait til everything is healed.

I am was like my biweekly ritual of pain, and now it's over. Dammit.

Anyhow. That is all...professional photos will be posted soon. :]

If any of you are in the bay area or close to it and looking for an awesome tattoo artist, you should call this man:

Sean Perkinson
FTW Tattoos
6535 Telegraph Ave,, Oakland

2004-05-23 18:01:02 ET

Slick....I'll write that down for when I get my sleeve done...

2004-05-23 19:27:40 ET

Wheee! Grats sugar plum...when do I get to see pics? huh huh huh?

2004-05-25 14:37:18 ET


2004-05-25 20:19:42 ET

Femm, darling, you dont need pix, you could just come over! :P

2004-05-26 15:55:53 ET

yesh, I could...but thanks to viacadin (sp?) I can't drive atm...which is too bad, because I am craving mashed potatoes....

2004-05-27 21:12:02 ET

awwww...i forgot about your wisdom teeth...i remember when I got mine out, I was afraid I would lose wisdom as well.

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