Here we go :]
2004-06-13 20:48:18 ET

The process has been set in motion...I am gonna be the mommy of the very cutest, very most fantabulous creature that ever walked the earth.

My girl is coming to live with me! :]

I'm getting more and more excited as the idea sinks in and the logistics seem to fade away. It will be very stressful at first, especially since we have His Catness. But he will put her in her place, I'm sure, and things will work out.

Yesh. N'stuff.

2004-06-13 20:51:47 ET

sounds good, pets are awesome

and i love your arm tat

2004-06-13 21:08:38 ET

tanku :]

Pets keep me sane :]

2004-06-13 22:32:37 ET

whee the baby!! Thats faboo, grats! :)

2004-06-14 17:18:03 ET

Shit, I was looking foward to living with Ashby! Will you let me take her on walks as a consolation prize?

2004-06-14 17:53:40 ET

ASHBY!! yeah i am happy that you get her. OH can i walk ashby with ty. please!

2004-06-14 19:11:50 ET

lol, your place doesnt allow dogs, silly mauzer :P Sure you guys can totally come over and walk her. that would help me out a TON and Ashby would definately enjoy it :]

2004-06-14 20:11:29 ET

theres a dog park underneath the highway on clairmont--I would happy to provide trans sometime when we're both free...maybe you could even get a play-date goin' with other dogs! W00f!

2004-06-15 08:27:07 ET

Hehe...I have to get her license first, but after I get it, that's definately a plan :]

2004-06-16 04:15:15 ET


2004-06-16 13:05:54 ET

Don't worry, I have wheels too. We could have a doggy shuttle.

2004-06-16 15:01:41 ET

ooooooh, doggie shuttle. I like.

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