You little trollop
2004-08-15 23:10:15 ET

Wow, has it really been that long since I last updated this thing? Jiminy Christmas.

Things have been crazy over here. Like a roller coaster, up and down, upside down, and everything in between. Trying to balance out work, the movie, the dawg, the boyfriend, and managing to still spend time with my family and pay my bills on time is somewhat of a challenge. It's so bizarre. I've been so busy lately that the past couple weeks have been a total blur.

The makeup for the movie is going well - finally. After hours and hours spent trying to master foam latex, we finally won...we kinda cheated, but we still won, and it will serve our purposes nicely.

Work has gotten somewhat easier. I'm so close to going on the floor, I can taste it, which motivates me do to a good job while I'm there. Meanwhile, the chick who was trying to get me fired will be leaving soon...also a plus, although, I think she's given up on her venture for the moment.

At any rate...bed is in order, now :P

2004-08-15 23:13:11 ET

you have a dreamy job.

2004-08-16 04:59:41 ET

what exactly do you do?

2004-08-16 07:21:49 ET

I work at a salon as an apprentice (for now, soon I will be a stylist), and do makeup for student films outside of that :]

2004-08-16 18:42:58 ET

oh thats so neat! whenever i cut my friend's hair it gets all over me..

2004-08-17 21:20:29 ET

oh, yes....that definately comes with the territory...we buy buttloads of lint rollers every month or so :P

2004-08-17 21:22:59 ET

RiotGirl: sorry, i didnt reply before. I didn't see your post for some reason...but believe me, it's a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. Not nearly as glamorous as it sounds ;]

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